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Winter Visitor

Artwork: Handcrafted plasticine picture in premium glass box frame

Dimensions: W-27, H-27, D-3 cm (framed, white)

Year completed:2022



Set on robust cardboard, this piece offers a delightful visual surprise. At first glance, it might be mistaken for an oil painting, but it's skilfully moulded from plasticine. The plasticine, with its rich texture, mimics the strokes and nuances of oil paints, creating an illusion that's both striking and captivating.

A Little Story:

Amidst the frost of an early winter morning, a solitary bluebird found a rare sight – a branch of newly blossomed yellow flowers...

I must confess, I'm not a magician - I'm still learning. This magical scene was originally conceived by Natalia Golovina. When I first handled sparkly plasticine, I knew it was perfect to bring her vision to life in a new medium. It felt like the pieces of a puzzle falling perfectly into place. Thank you for your inspiration @light_art_brush

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