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Waveborn Dragon

Artwork: Handcrafted plasticine picture in premium glass box frame

Dimensions: W-30.5, H-30.5, D-1.5 cm (framed, light blue)

Year completed:2022



This artwork, crafted from plasticine, presents a mosaic style where each piece has been hand-moulded. It's mounted on a solid cardboard, ensuring durability. The piece is framed with a high-quality wooden border, adding a touch of elegance.

A Little Story:

Amidst a turbulent sea of cerulean and azure, a dragon. The waters themselves seem to birth the creature, its form flowing seamlessly from the waves. The dragon's claws tenderly clutch a shimmering orb, perhaps a wish or a dream yet to be realized.

The spark for this creation hit me during a visit to a tattoo salon. There, amidst vibrant tattoo designs, I found my muse for this dragon’s intricate. It's amazing how one art form can inspire another, turning a fleeting idea into a tangible artwork.

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