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Lunar Bear

Artwork: Handcrafted plasticine picture in premium glass box frame

Dimensions: W-40.5, H-40.5, D-3 cm (framed, silver-blue)

Year completed:2023



The artwork is made entirely of plasticine, with cardboard as the base. All elements are embossed, and the characters are three-dimensional. The bas-relief is coloured with plasticine using a technique that imitates oil paints.

A Little Story:

By day, Ursa blends into the room, but at night, he grows to a magnificent size and becomes the girl's protector and adventure partner. Together, they explore dream worlds of stardust and imagination, their nights filled with iridescent moonlight and vibrant journeys.

I must note that this enchanting scene is not my original concept but the creative work of @litajudge. Her depiction so delicately captured my mood that I couldn't help but bring her vision to life in plasticine.

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