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Artwork: Handcrafted plasticine picture in premium glass box frame

Dimensions: W-50, H-50, D-3.5 cm (framed, grey)

Year completed:2023



The artwork is masterfully crafted using merely four hues of plasticine - black, white, red, and yellow. Each element boasts a three-dimensional quality, skillfully conveying a sense of immersion and presence within the scene.

A Little Story:

Inspired by a street artist's captivating depiction of London, I recreated the scene in plasticine after Queen Elizabeth II's passing.

My "Contemplation" artwork elegantly portrays the juxtaposition of eras, movement, and tranquillity, encapsulating London's iconic symbols in a monochromatic palette.

The only bursts of colour come from the young girl in a vibrant red dress and her attentive corgi, symbolizing the continuous pulse of life amidst the city's storied calm.

This piece reflects on the enduring spirit of London, where history and modernity coexist seamlessly. It invites viewers to pause and reflect on the serene blend of past and present.

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