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Artwork: Handcrafted plasticine picture in premium glass box frame

Dimensions: W-27, H-27, D-3 cm (framed, white)

Year completed:2024



This unique artwork is masterfully sculpted from plasticine on a firm cardboard base. Each of the bunny's quills is intricately crafted from fine plasticine threads. The bunny itself stands in bold relief, adding depth to the piece. Moreover, its lifelike appearance is enhanced by the delicate plasticine thread fur that adorns it.

A Little Story:

I already have a delightful hedgehog, whimsically suspended in the air like a dandelion puff. Inspired by this creation, it dawned on me — why not expand this enchanting concept? Thus, the idea of the Dandelion Rabbit was born. This could be the beginning of an entire world adrift in the breeze!

This painting is a playful exploration of my imagination, a challenge to merge the unmergeable. I believe the result is truly magical, with a charm that utterly captivates and exceeds all measures of cuteness.

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